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How to set print area in Microsoft Office Excel 2013?

Rows to repeat at top, columns to repeat at left

Printing a very large Excel sheet is always a big deal .You may not need to print whole sheets and printing all sheets will be a waste of paper. In Microsoft Office Excel 2013 you have a feature which will help you to set a print area to just print out whatever you need and let you to select your needed area. You can also add some other part of sheets to your print area selection.

In order to set print area

• First of all you need to select area which you need to print .Hold down Ctrl key and highlight the area

Select area in Microsoft Excel 2013

• Then go to “Page Layout” Tab and select “Set Print Area” button

Set Print Area in Microsoft Excel 2013

• In order to change settings you should also choose Print Titles from “page set up” group under “Page Layout “Tab

Set Repeat Titles in Microsoft Excel 2013

• That will open “Page Set up” window which you can set columns and rows which you want to repeat in different pages. This will help you to include “Rows to repeat at top” which you can use in order to add columns headers and “columns to repeat at left” .By selecting “Print Preview” button which help to preview the area of selecting with in your sheet to print

Set Rows or Columns to repeat at top

TIPS: Using page set up window can help you by adding gridline or adding standard headers as you need by just tick the gridline checkbox

Print in Microsoft Excel 2013

You can always add multiple area of sheet to your print area selection in order to do this

• Select area which you want to add to your print area selection

• Then go to “Page Layout” Tab and choose “Add To Print Area” this selection also will be added to your print area

Add to print area in Microsoft Excel 2013

TIPS:You need to add area from your selected sheetsand cannot add area from other sheets

Print Area will be remained selected until you go to “Page Layout” Tab and then choose “Clear Print Area”

Clear Print Area in Microsoft Excel 2013