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How to create school calendars by Microsoft Excel 2013?

Using NETWORKDAYS function to create and calculate school calendars in Microsoft Office Excel 2013

In first days of September Month as schools open, all staff are too busy helping to create schools calendar. One of the most important task to open schools is create and organize calendars. Microsoft Office Excel 2013 can help school’s staff to create and organize their calendar. Using NetWORKDAYS and NETWORKDAYS.INT can help you to count none holidays and holidays.

In order to use NetWORKDAYS and NETWORKDAYS.INT to count days

• Enter “=” sign in cell which you need to have result of counting days

• Use NetWORKDAYS or NETWORKDAYS.INT function ,the difference between these two function is NETWORKDAYS.INT you can change weekends as in some countries weekend may be on Thursdays and Fridays or Fridays and Saturdays

Microsoft Excel 2013 NetWorkDays function

Tips:NetWORKDAYS function will automatically calculate Saturdays and Sundays as weekend and none working days

Microsoft Excel 2013 NetWorkDays Initial function

• First argument of two function is starting date and next argument is Enddate. In NetWORKDAYS the third argument need you to enter holidays which in NETWORKDAYS.INT need you enter weekends, and then holidays.

Microsoft Excel 2013 NetWorkDays example

Use NetWorkDays function in Excel 2013

Tips: You should select the cell which contains start date or end date and these two cells should be in date format .In order to change cell format select the cells that you need to change format and then right click. Select format cell from drop-down list

Format cell in Microsoft Excel 2013

and then choose date format

Microsoft Excel 2013 Number Format

Tips: NETWORKDAYS.INT function can let you change weekends. It’s provided you with a list of numbers which every numbers shows two days as weekend. Select proper number to change and select weekends.

Use NetWorkDays formula in Excel 2013

Let’s have an example of school calendars, we will work on School Year Calendar which provide every year in Toronto District School Board

As you can see in Calendar First day of classes for all students is September 4, 2012 and the End date is June 27, 2013

Student calendar in Microsoft Excel 2013

This calendar also provide the holidays and also end date of first semester and start of second semesters.

The organizers’ Staff may need to have exact days count excluding weekends and holidays

Use Student calendar by Microsoft Excel 2013

In order to count days excluding weekends but including holidays use NetWORKDAYS function. In result cell enter “=” sign and then use NetWORKDAYS function .In the arguments September 4, 2012 as start date and June 27, 2013 as end date .As you know this function will calculate Saturdays and Sundays as weekends automatically.

In order to count Number Of days in First Semester Including Holidays use NetWORKDAYS function in the arguments September 4, 2012 as start date and December 24, 2012 as end date

In order to count Number Of days in First Semester excluding Holidays use NetWORKDAYS.INT function in the arguments September 4, 2012 as start date and December 24, 2012 as end date then use number 1 to select Saturdays and Sundays as weekend. Choose the holidays date in cell ranges.

Calculate college events by Microsoft Excel 2013

Do the same for counting days for second holidays .You can use same template for other years by just changing dates