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How to sort data in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Use Microsoft Excel 2013 features in order to organize and sort data

Do you have a range of data which list without any order? Do you need to organize your data?

It’s enough to have your data in Microsoft Office Excel and use data sort features in order to organize and sort your data base whatever you like.

In order to sort data when you don’t need to have a criteria go through next steps

• Select range of data which you need to sort

Range of Date In Microsoft Excel 2013

Tips: This range of data can be vary from choosing multiple rows and columns or single columns

• Go to Data Tab and choose to Sort ascending (smallest to largest ) or

Microsoft Excel 2013 Sort Data

descending (largest to smallest) from Sort & Filter group

How to Sort Data

Tips: In Microsoft Office Excel 2013 if you select part of data set which has relation with other part of data sets,

Sorting Data in Microsoft Excel 2013

Sorting data will pop up a window which want you expand your selection of data for sorting. You will have 2 option to select expand your selection or continue with whatever you choose

Expand the selection in Sort Data

Sometimes you need to sort your data regarding specific criteria go through next steps to sort regarding specific criteria

• You can either to choose a cell in range that you want to sort or select range which you need to sort

Sorting Data in Microsoft Excel 2013

Go to Data Tab and choose Sort from Sort & Filter group ,in order to open Sort dialog box

Data Sort Ribbons in Excel 2013

open Sort dialog box

• Choose first column on which you want to sort in “Sort by “list

Microsoft Excel 2013 Sort Parameter

Tips:If your selected Range contains different columns all first columns will be listed in “Sort by” list .Use Add level button to add other first column to sort by

Add level in Excel 2013 Sorting

• In “Sort on “list choose your criteria which could be Value, Cell Color ,Font Color or Cell Icon

Excel 2013 Sort On parameters

• In “Order list “choose how to order your list you can choose alphabetically or numerically ascending or descending

Order parameter in Microsoft Excel 2013

Or also add some new ordering which also has months ascending or descending.

Sort custom list in Microsoft Excel 2013

• Clicking on OK will add new list

Add Sort List in Microsoft Excel 2013

By choosing OK on Sort dialog box your entire data will sort base on whatever you choose