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How to Create combo box in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Create combo box from text cells in Microsoft Office Excel 2013

As you may know combo box use to create drop down list. Sometimes you need to create a combo box in order to let users select a desire selection from define list. You may also don’t want user to input text in your data sheet and choose their selection from drop down list by their mouse. By using combo box you can also set data validation for your cells.

Tips: To insert combo box to your Microsoft Office Excel cells you need to add Developer Tab to Microsoft Office Excel 2013.

Go through following steps

• Go to File Tab and choose Options

Options in Microsoft Office Excel 2013

• Go to Customize Ribbon Section

• In Customize the Ribbon column, in Main Tabs ,Checked Developer Tab

Customize Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2013

• Choosing Ok will add Developer Tab to your Excel Ribbon

In Order to create a combo box from text cells

• Go to Developer Tab

• Choose Combo box from Insert drop-down list in controls group

Microsoft Excel 2013 Form Control

• Now by changing the shape of your cursor you need to choose the place that you want to insert Combo box

Tips: It’s better to add text which you want to add to your combo box ,be remember choose to add text in somewhere within your Excel sheet where you can easily hide your column or in other sheet .This will help you to have a sheet more organized

• Right click on combo box and Choose Format Control from drop-down list

Microsoft Excel 2013 Format Control

• In Format Control window insert cells which contain the text that you want to add to combo box by click on dropdown button next to input range

Tips: If you need to have more than 8 line in your drop-down list you can change this default in “Drop drown Lines“ text box

Microsoft Excel 2013 Input Range

• Clicking on ok will add combo box with text added

Let’s have an example

We have production sale forecast report, as you need the sales department add specific product in the report you need to add combo box which contains the specific products.

In order to add product sale combo box

• List product sale in somewhere within your sheets as text in a different cells

Product Range in Microsoft Excel 2013

• Go to Developer Tab (add developer Tab before starting)

• Choose to insert combo box from insert drop-down list

• Then place your combo box somewhere within your document where you need to insert

Use combo box in Microsoft Excel 2013

• Right click on combo box and choose format control and select your needed text by click on drop-down button next to input range

Excel 2013 Format Control

Control Input Range in Excel 2013

Now you can add product sale from drop down list

Microsoft Excel 2013 Combo Box

Tips: You may need to hide your text list which you add to sheets in order to create your combo box, now you want to hide them? Let’s do it quite easily select the column which contains these text right click on column and then choose hide from drop down list and all text will be hide

Hide column in Microsoft Excel 2013

Do not delete these text as it will be deleted from your combo box