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How to take Both Sides Paper Print in Microsoft Word 2013?

Print Microsoft Word 2013 document on both side of paper

Do you need printing in both side of pages? Do you consider nature and need to find way to print your documents in both sides of a document?

Sometime you need to print your document in both side of pages. It will help you to economize your paper’s consuming however some documents may need to be printed in both sides of pages. Unfortunately you can’t find way to directly print your pages in both sides of pages however Microsoft Office Word 2013 can help you to stop printing and let you to flip the page and start to print again.

In order to print in both side of a page you need to stop printing process change page side and then let start printing again

• Open document which you want to print

• Go to File menu and then choose print section

Print setting in Microsoft Word 2013

• From Setting drop down list choose Manually Print on Both Sides

Manual print  setting in Microsoft Office Word 2013

If you start printing process it will print one side and then printing will be automatically stopped in order to let you change page side and then start to print in other side


• Some printers may have automatic duplex printing option which can help you to change sides of paper automatically however others may have manual duplex printing option.

Read printers manual to find out if it has this option or not but if it doesn’t have don’t worry you still have option to set on Microsoft Office Word 2013 to print on both sides of papers

• You have also other option in order to print on both sides of pages just by setting the printers to one time print odd pages and then flip all pages and this time set to print even pages .this way is easier and you could print more quickly

In order to set document‘s print option to print in both sides of pages

• Go to File Tab and choose print Section

• Choose print only odd pages from setting drop down list and let your document to be printed

Print Odd pages in Microsoft Office Word 2013

• Flip your pages and this time select print only even pages and let your document’s even pages be printed

Print Even pages in Microsoft Office Word 2013