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How to Insert Math Equations in Microsoft Word 2013’s document?

Use formulas in Microsoft Word 2013

Adding Math Equation is one of the best feature of Microsoft Office Word 2013. It is a great feature when you want add math terms in your document. Anybody from school teachers, university professors, university and high school student or even some business managers and finance managers may need to add Math Equations in their essays or reports or any other type of documents. This built in feature can help you to insert math sign and equation. You can add your math sign and equation by hand however to have professional look document use word’s built in feature to insert math sign.

In order to add mathematical equation:

• Open a document which you want to add equation with in and place cursor somewhere within your document

• Go to Insert Tab and Choose Equation drop down list from symbols group

Equation in Microsoft Office Word 2013

• From opened list choose an Equation that you need

Microsoft Word 2013 equation list

By clicking on desire equation that will be added simply to your document .Click the drop down button of equation box which will be presented more options like save as new Equation, professional look or linear look , also change to inline or display ,and justification setting

Save Equation in Microsoft Word 2013

As you can see in drop down shapes the difference of professional and linear look is changing the place and look of formula character. Choose change to Inline in order to change equation place.

professional and linear look in Microsoft Word formulas

In order to change Equation click within equation box and then manually change what you need to change.

If you change Equation and you need to save as new equation click to open equation drop down list and choose “Save as new Equation”.

Save as new Equation in Microsoft Word 2013

TIPS: If you want to add new equation you can add by Choosing “Insert New Equation”.

Insert New Equation in Microsoft Word 2013

That will be added a new Equation Design Tab. This design Tab will help you to add whatever you want such as symbols Functions script radical and etc. In order to Insert a new Equation choose a needed equation from structures group and click to insert to your document.

Microsoft Word 2013 Formula Structure

Insert Equation in Microsoft Word 2013

One of the other way that you can insert equation is Microsoft Equation 3.0 trough adding an object.

In order to add Equation through adding an object

• Go to Insert Tab and click on object

Add object in Microsoft Word 2013

• Object window will be appeared choose Microsoft Equation 3.0 from Object type

Microsoft Word Equation 3.0

By clicking on ok a new window will be opened choose your needed equation but the difference between this and other way is that Microsoft Word 2013 will be treated this as a Microsoft Office Word ‘s object

• Object window will be appeared choose Microsoft Equation 3.0 from Object type

Microsoft Word 2013 Equation 3.0