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How to change Images Effects in Microsoft Word 2013?

Change Images by Applying Effects in Microsoft Office Word 2013

Sometimes you need to insert and modify your images with in Microsoft Office Word’s documents. Microsoft Office Word 2013 has good features regarding changing images which make it one of a good image editor among other image editors. As you may know you could insert, compress, change color, picture corrections, picture styles, change position or many other features for changing images and make it look more professional in Microsoft Office Word 2013.Use picture tools section to modify your images. One of many features located in picture tools is picture effects.

In order to change an image in Word document

• First of all you need to insert a picture to your word document by using INSERT Tab, choose Pictures from Illustrations group and then browse your needed picture.

Tips: Don’t forget, you could add picture to your word document by using online picture to insert picture

• Select picture , Picture Tool section will be appeared

• Go to Format Tab and Select Picture Effect

Change Picture Effects in Microsoft Word 2013 document

• Choose your desire effect from drop down list

By selecting your desire Picture Effect from drop down list that effect will be apply to your picture as you need

Let us have an example to see how changing effect will change a picture in way you need

• We inserted Microsoft Office 2013 picture in our word document by using picture button in Insert tab

• Select picture

• Go to format Tab of picture tools

Picture tools in Microsoft  Office Word  2013

• Choose from Reflection Variation menu in reflection as you could see it will add some reflection to your picture

Add reflection to image in Microsoft Office Word 2013