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How to add Signature line in Microsoft word 2013?

Insert Signature Line in Microsoft Office Word 2013

In Many document, you need to add signature line which help your document to become more organized. You also have this feature in Microsoft Office Word 2013 with variety options to change and customize signature line according to your needs .There is also some part that you could suggest instructions to the signer.

In order to insert Signature Line in Microsoft Office Word 2013

• Put your cursor where you want to add Signature Line

• Go to Insert Tab

• Choose Microsoft Office Signature Line from Signature Line drop down list

Microsoft Office 2013 Signature Line

• A window will be pop up which you could change Signature Line option from

Microsoft Office 2013 Signature Setup

You could add instruction here for signer .It let you also add Suggested Signer Name by entering name in “Suggested signer” or Suggested Signer’s title by entering title in “Suggested Signer’s title”

Upon clicking on ok signature line will be appeared in your document with all option that you need to create

Microsoft Office 2013 Sample Signature