Microsoft Office

Using styles In Microsoft Word 2013

Is using Styles a Waste of Time?

In my opinion the answer is No. It’s always better to use styles instead of direct formatting in your document .It will help you in many ways like

• Having contrasts between heading and body text

• All elements which need to be indented will be indented with contrast of whole text

• Paragraphs will be separated with enough white space

• Formatting your document quickly and easily

You could set formatting items such as font, color, paragraph setting including borders

As Example in order to format your document with Cambria font size 16 and bold you could just use Heading 1, in order to apply heading one click in the heading and use heading 1


• You could always change Heading 1 setting by going to Home Tab

• choose Heading1 from style

• Right click on heading 1 and choose modify in order to change format of heading one Word automatically updates all instances of heading in the document

You could use Heading 2 style if you need to add subheadings as designed to contrast to Heading 1

1. Heading 1 and Heading 2 is normally use to format heading and heading 2

2. You could use normal style which has contrast with Heading1 and Heading2 in order to format body text

3. This style could be applied to paragraphs, phrase or a word

4. List Paragraph is use to format a list items

If you later decide that you want headings to have a different look, you can change the Heading 1 and Heading 2 styles, and Word automatically updates all instances of them in the document. You can also apply a different Quick Style set or a different theme to change the look of the headings without making changes to the styles.