Word 2013

How to Index a Document in Microsoft Word 2013?

Insert Index into document

Microsoft office word 2013 has a feature to index your document .With word index you could list keywords, text and terms and find them within your document instantly and easily. In order to create index for your document you should mark index entries and then cross reference in your document.

Usually after creating long document it’s really helpful for readers if you create an index which will help them to search and find specials terms, text and etc. within your document.

Open document which you want to add index.

Open document to add index

In order to mark entries select the text that you want to create index from and then go to reference Tab and choose Mark Entry

References mark entry in Word 2013

Mark Entry dialog box will be opened which you could change option. In Main entry box your selected text will be appeared you could also choose Subentry in order to create Index.

Choose Current page or Page range to indexing by pages .You could also choose page number format. By clicking on “Mark all” all Main entry text within your document will mark. You could add as many as you want text for indexing in your document.

Mark Index Entry in Word 2013

Close Mark Index Entry window .By closing window some paragraph mark will be appeared which will not printed in your page or make changes in your document.

Go to References Tab and choose Insert Index

Insert Index in Microsoft Word 2013

Index window will be popped up choose “From template” in formats drop down list and modify some index format.

Choose Index Template in Microsoft Word 2013

Upon clicking on ok Index list will be added to your document.