Word 2013

How to use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word 2013?

How to prepare multiple letters with same body and different data in Microsoft Word 2013?

If you need to prepare a multiple letters with same letter body and different recipients, labels, envelop, directory, Email message you could use Microsoft office word 2013.

In order to create bunch of same letters with different recipients

• First of all you need to create letter body

• Then Go to Mailing Tab

• Choose Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard from drop down list

• Select document type as letters and choose next :starting document

In next Step choose your document in order to use the current document or choose another document or even choose start from existing document choose next in order to choose recipients list

In this step you could choose a list of recipients from existing list or choose outlook contacts or choose to create new list ,Choose to create new list and enter your recipient’s information and then save

• In this step if you ‘ve not already write your mail in with help of this step you could write your letter but don’t forget to add block as you want like address block and greeting choose next step

• In this step you will have a preview of your letters

Now your letters are ready now you could choose to print and choose all letters to print

• Now choose your printer and print all your data

Tips: You could choose to edit individual letters by choosing