How to create Bullet and Number List in Microsoft Word 2013 ?

Organize Your Document in Microsoft Word 2013

Sometimes you need to organize your document by using different list in Microsoft Office Word 2013.

You could create, modify existing list in your document. Use Microsoft Office Word 2013 to insert bullet list, number list, multilevel list and modifying them as you want.

How to insert a list to your document in Microsoft Office Word 2013?

In order to insert a list to your document

• Select the part of document that you want to insert list for

• Choose bullet or numbering list from paragraph group of Home Tab

• From drop down list choose style of list that you like and it will be inserted to your document


In order to remove the list that you insert to your document just select your list and click on bullet or numbering list

If you press “Enter” button after each line of your list bullet or number will be added to your document automatically

If you press twice “Enter” button your document will be return to normal formatting