How to set up line spacing between paragraphs in Microsoft Word 2013?

By Default Microsoft Office Word 2013 adjust some space between line of a text and between paragraphs. Line spacing means free space between each text line and each paragraph.

In Microsoft Office Word 2013 this default spacing is 1.0 and 8P for paragraph spacing

In order to change paragraph spacing default:

You have two ways to change default setting

• For changing default setting in entire document you could go to Design Tab and choose custom paragraph spacing and change setting

Tips: This changing will be affected default setting of style that you choose for your document in that document however you could also choose to affect new document base on this template

• Other way which is good for changing a part of your document.

1. Go to Design Tab and choose paragraph spacing

2. From drop down list choose the space that you prefer, you have different choices as no space,compact,Tight,Open,Relaxed and double

The spacing listed in this document is based on Calibri, 11 p

Option Space after the paragraph Line spacing in the paragraph
No Paragraph Space 0 1
Compact 4 1
Tight 6 1.15
Open 10 1.15
Relaxed 6 1.5
Double 8 2